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A Birthday : How I am older than I think and will die soon

So the last day of Jan was my birthday (Thank you - all of you who made it a great celebration : I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my 26 years on Earth).

However with my birthday I also came to realize a lot of things.
For one celebrating my birthday was something that I avoided with my whole heart and soul. All that changed when I got older. I truly had so much fun on this day. I guess as you grow older you learn to enjoy life and not be a grumpy cat (as my brother calls me :/). You realize that having fun is actually therapeutic.
 I also realized that families are dysfunctional. One moment they are all like - come home immediately and the other moment they totally forget you exist. And you have to be okay with that because you are not 5 years old anymore, whining for attention and rolling on the floor.
Another point that seems pretty obvious now (beats me how I missed it) is that I am old. Old and wrinkled like a shrivelled prune. I am the wisened hag who people wil…

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